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The Golden Carp and The Jarrett House collaborate to open The Gift Shop

The Jarrett House Inn and Restaurant is partnering with The Golden Carp to add a rejuvenated gift shop to the historic property.

The new principal owner of the Jarrett House, Constantine Roumel, wanted to continue the revitalization of the Jarrett House by also changing The Gift Shop. He approached John Miele, who was already part of the design team for the Jarrett House and co-owner of The Golden Carp, with the idea.

“When you’ve had a business for 24 years an opportunity like this is invigorating! It’s exciting to be part of the ‘new’ Jarrett House,” said Miele.

Although The Gift Shop is an extension of The Golden Carp it will still have its own character and will offer a new kind of fine art, photography.

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