July 2014

Country Traditions to hold wine tasting fundraiser for the Appalachian Women’s Museum

Country Traditions will be hosting a wine tasting fundraiser for the Appalachian Women’s Museum Friday, July 25th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Country Traditions

Country Traditions

Tickets are $10 each and may be purchased at the event. Ticket holders will receive samples of wine, gourmet food and a souvenir wine glass.

All of the profits from the tickets sales will go directly to the Appalachian Women’s Museum.

Country Traditions will also donate 10% of any wine sales during the event to AWM.

Janet Chinners, co-owner of Country Traditions, enjoys nothing more than giving back to the community.

“I knew I wanted to help the Appalachian Women’s Museum because it will be such a special addition to this town. It will share the history of Dillsboro to the community and all those who visit,” said Chinners.

The Appalachian Women’s Museum’s mission “is to gather, preserve, and share the stories of the women of Southern Appalachia.”

Future Home of Appalachian Womens Museum

Future Home of Appalachian Womens Museum

Museum leaders recently reported that they have hit the $10,000 mark of a $16,000 fundraising goal earmarked to restore the roof of the historic Monteith House, AWM’s future home.

If you would like to learn more about the Appalachian Women’s Museum or make a donation, please visit http://www.appwm.org/.

For more information about Country Traditions’ gourmet food, wine and gifts or the fundraising event please visit http://www.dillsborowineandgourmet.net/ or call at 828-586-1600.

Ray’s Florist and Greenhouse flowering and flourishing for 23 years

Since 1991 Ray’s has been delivering an unparalleled experience for customers wanting to add color to their special occasions with vibrant, one-of-a-kind floral arrangements made from only the freshest flowers available.

Ray's vibrant flowers

Ray’s beautiful flowers

The locally grown flowers combined with the passionate staff’s creativity are what truly distinguish Ray’s from other florists.

“Every arrangement I create only has the highest quality flowers, and is carefully constructed depending on the client’s needs,” said Ray Nation’s, owner of Ray’s Florist and Greenhouse.

Stylish gifts at Rays' Shop

Stylish gifts at Rays’ Shop

Ray’s has the perfect bouquet or gift basket for any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more.

Delivery services are available for Dillsboro, Sylva, and Cullowhee.

For the customer’s convenience the shop is a member of the Teleflora Florist Network and does accept nationwide orders.

Unique is the ideal word to describe Rays, because along with the florist and the greenhouse, it also offers two other services.

The downstairs is a home decor shop selling kitchen accessories, house decorations, and stylish gift items.

The upstairs is a fabric and upholstery shop run by Ray’s mother, Nell Nations. It is truly a family-run business.

Ray's Nursery

Ray’s Vibrant Nursery

Ray’s also features a greenhouse nursery providing both annual and perennials flowers and shrubs, as well as vegetable plants.

Ray’s is located in Dillsboro Court. For more information about Ray’s Florist and Greenhouse visit http://www.rayandcoflorist.com/ or call at (828) 586-5830.

Dillsboro leaders wants to know what locals and visitors envision for the future of Dillsboro

Although Dillsboro wishes to grow new businesses,
leaders still wish to maintain its historic and small-town charm.

The survey below is the perfect opportunity to share what you love about

Dillsboros' lovely street

Charming Dillsboro

Dillsboro, as well as any additions you think would benefit this lovely

Please take a few minutes to complete a brief survey by clicking on the
following URL:


Or scan the following QR code:

Dillsboro survey QRCode

Thank you for your help making Dillsboro the best it can be!

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