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Boots Steakhouse & Saloon Sizzles, Satisfies

Are you ready to enjoy a delicious steak or other grilled dish in an “old west” ambience?  Then, welcome to Boots Steakhouse & Saloon!

Boots opened in October 2016 in the beautiful courtyard area of downtown Dillsboro. It is operated by Joe Beasley and Brenda Bishop, who also own Haywood Smokehouse in Dillsboro.

While Boots offers a great selecton of grilled meals, steaks, and salads, there are two meals that are exclusive to Boots Steakhouse: Boots Salad and Boots Burger.

“These two dishes were created just for this restaurant. What makes them unique is that they have fried onion straws served with a special Boots sauce, which makes those dishes very delicious,” said Bishop.

Besides burgers and salads, Boots offers a range of sandwiches and steaks, including American traditional classics.  The menu is being updated almost every week, which allows patrons to create a perfect meal “with a perfect bite, spectacular desert, and a great atmosphere,” said Bishop.

Customers have been reviewing the restaurant favorably.  “The service was outstanding, the ambiance is top notch and the filet mignon was cooked to perfection, and melt in your mouth delicious,” wrote Erin Adams on the Boots Steakhouse Facebook page.

Boots Steakhouse & Saloon is a perfect place to spend a casual business meeting, a date, or just enjoy the great southern atmosphere in a company of friends, classmates, and colleagues.  No matter where you eat, in the carefully designed dining room or outside in the courtyard, the restaurant offers excellent service and guarantees patrons won’t be disappointed.

Located at 43 Front St., the restaurant is currently open Thursday through Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Rabbit Creek Pottery Offering Classes to Community

When you step into Rabbit Creek Pottery, it feels like you are stepping into another world filled with fairies and fanciful designs. Locals and tourists alike gravitate to the warm environment of Annie Burrell’s cozy shop that she owns and operates with the help of her sister, Jenny Patton. Quirky works of art including illustrations, pottery, and fairy houses line the walls of the shop, waiting to be brought home.

“We really do what makes us happy. If it doesn’t make us happy, we won’t do it! That’s the philosophy,” said Burrell when describing what items she and her family choose to make for her store.

Burrell has now opened up her whimsical world for guests to share in her artistry and make their own treasures to take home. She offers drop-in classes, in which each participant is guided through a unique design, such as fairy houses, or more functional pieces like sugar and cream sets or casserole dishes.


Classes cost $40 per participant, which covers the cost of supplies and materials that are needed for each project. These relaxing, two-hour sessions allow guests to express themselves and create memories to last a lifetime. No experience is needed, but as these are primarily adult classes, Burrell invites guests to bring a bottle of wine and have a great time.

As an extra treat, Burrell and Patton make art pieces alongside class participants that they raffle off via a video on their Facebook page.

Burrell and Patton are very active on Facebook, posting new creations at least once a week. They advertise their drop-in classes one week in advance on their page. Customers can also sign up for updates on the email sign-up sheet at the register in Rabbit Creek. Private classes are available per request with one-week notice.

For more information on Rabbit Creek Pottery drop-in classes, or private class requests, visit their Facebook page at http://on.fb.me/1DqtKq5, or see Annie Burrell in person at the shop on 27 Church Street, in the heart of downtown Dillsboro. Customers may also call the shop to inquire about items and classes at (828)-371-3808.

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Claymates Feature

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“Hospitality is a Country Tradition”


Visit Country Traditions in Dillsboro, NC.

There is nothing else in the world like Southern hospitality and few people know that better than Janet Chinners, co-owner of Dillsboro’s Country Traditions Gourmet Food, Wine and Gifts.

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Ray’s Florist and Greenhouse flowering and flourishing for 23 years

Since 1991 Ray’s has been delivering an unparalleled experience for customers wanting to add color to their special occasions with vibrant, one-of-a-kind floral arrangements made from only the freshest flowers available.

Ray's vibrant flowers

Ray’s vibrant flowers

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The Golden Carp and The Jarrett House collaborate to open The Gift Shop

The Jarrett House Inn and Restaurant is partnering with The Golden Carp to add a rejuvenated gift shop to the historic property.

The new principal owner of the Jarrett House, Constantine Roumel, wanted to continue the revitalization of the Jarrett House by also changing The Gift Shop. He approached John Miele, who was already part of the design team for the Jarrett House and co-owner of The Golden Carp, with the idea.

“When you’ve had a business for 24 years an opportunity like this is invigorating! It’s exciting to be part of the ‘new’ Jarrett House,” said Miele.

Although The Gift Shop is an extension of The Golden Carp it will still have its own character and will offer a new kind of fine art, photography.

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Customers feel like royalty at Shirley’s Boutique

Customers are king—make that queen—at Shirley’s Boutique.

Shirley’s, the unique women’s clothing boutique in the heart of historic Dillsboro, creates a wonderful shopping experience for all who enter.

Shirley Simpson and her son, Mark, have owned and operated Shirley’s Boutique for 32 years. The shop has become a staple in the town of Dillsboro and a hot spot for tourists.

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Both history and food are served at The Well House

The Well House is not just a local restaurant, but is built around its namesake – a well. The well dates back to the 1880’s and was the first in Dillsboro. This hand dug well gave William Allen Dills, the first to build a home in Dillsboro, and his family water and eventually led to the thriving community we now today as Dillsboro.

Well House DD

The Well House makes it’s home at 65 Craft Circle.

Fast forward more than 100 years and The Well House is a successful restaurant and local favorite located beneath Oaks Gallery on Craft Circle just off busy Highway 441.

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Green Energy Park is energizing Dillsboro with renovations and additions

Jackson County’s Green Energy Park never has an ‘off season,’ but is constantly improving and expanding services to better serve the town of Dillsboro and Western North Carolina.


Renovations at Jackson County Green Energy Park

The aim of the JCGEP is literally turning trash into treasure. This environmentally friendly facility turns methane gas from the town’s old landfill into fuel for local artisans to create their craft. This not only improves the air quality in Jackson County, but also stimulates the economy by helping local artists.

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The Jarrett House opens 2014 season with new partner, plans for the future

Jarrett House undergoing renovations for a new season.


The Jarrett House Inn and Restaurant will reopen for the 2014 season with a new partner, new look, and plans for a complete renovation in the near future.

Jim and Jean Hartbarger, owners since 1975, announced that Constantine Roumel, owner of nearby Nantahala Village and Resort and several other four- and five-star hotels and resorts, has joined the Jarrett House team as primary owner. The Hartbargers will continue to be involved in the daily business operations and as part owners and primary managers.

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