Customers feel like royalty at Shirley’s Boutique

Customers are king—make that queen—at Shirley’s Boutique.

Shirley’s, the unique women’s clothing boutique in the heart of historic Dillsboro, creates a wonderful shopping experience for all who enter.

Shirley Simpson and her son, Mark, have owned and operated Shirley’s Boutique for 32 years. The shop has become a staple in the town of Dillsboro and a hot spot for tourists.

“Going to Shirley’s is an amazing experience. If she knows you, she finds things that she knows will look good on you. If she doesn’t know you, she gets to know you really quickly and offers you the same wonderful service,” said Terry Welch, a long time customer of the boutique. “Whenever I visit with Shirley and Mark, I feel like a queen, and I like that feeling,” Welch concluded.

It is not surprising that customers feel like royalty when shopping at Shirley’s. The boutique’s success comes down to the fact that Shirley and Mark provide personal attention to each and every customer.

The boutique knows its customers and buys clothing with them in mind.

Shirleys Boutique

Stylish  clothes and accessories abound at Shirleys’ Boutique.

“I try to find things that aren’t hanging in department stores. To be in business, you have to know your customer and you have to have a lot of variety,” said Shirley.

Walking in to Shirley’s Boutique is like entering a brightly colored shopper’s paradise. Floor to ceiling is covered with beautiful clothing and sparkling accessories.

The storefront may seem small, but inside, the merchandise seems endless.

Around each corner is the possibility for a new outfit, or two, or three. One visit to Shirley’s is not enough. The boutique adds new clothing and accessories all the time.

“When I opened this business 32 years ago, my focus was for women in the workplace because there were not many places in Jackson County for them to shop,” said Shirley.

However, the shop has evolved through the years. Shirley’s now carries more casual styles, but still has clothing and accessories appropriate for the workplace.

The boutique sells brands such as Brighton and Laurel Burch accessories and Treska jewelry, as well as Pendleton, Tianello, and Mycra Pac Rainwear.

Shirley said she chose to open the boutique in Dillsboro because she is from Jackson County and noticed there was not a boutique for women.

The building, which is now home to Shirley’s, used to be a mercantile store and is more than 100 years old. Shirley said she had always loved the building.

“It’s fun. It really has been something I have loved and enjoyed doing,” said Shirley.

Although this is a women’s boutique, there is something for the men. Two chairs and Field and Stream magazines help pass the time while the women shop ‘til their hearts are content.

Shirley’s is located at 124 Front Street. Call 828-586-8031 for more information.

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