KJ’s transitioning to quality consignment

KJ's new store front

KJ’s new store front

KJ’s Needles in a Haystack will be trading out crafts for consignment and will be changing their name to KJ’s Attic at the beginning of this December.

“I took up an interest in sewing crafts and felt passionate about crafts,” said Karla Forbes, owner of KJ’s Needles in a Haystack. “We’re excited to be transitioning into selling consignment and we will be focused on selling quality consignment.”

KJ’s Needles in a Haystack is currently collecting consignment items including furniture, clothes, books, and household items from people around Western North Carolina and will finish making the transition from crafts to consignment at the end of November.

Though KJ’s Attic will not be focusing on selling crafts, they will continue to keep Mill Hill cross stitching kits stocked.

KJ’s rents space out to So Crafty whose proceeds go to the Clean Slate Coalition, a non-profit organization located in Sylva, NC that provides safe and affordable housing for women who face serious life challenges.

KJ’s will be the site of free face painting by Macon Faces on Dec. 6, which is WCU Night at the Dillsboro Lights and Luminaries,

For more information on the store visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/KJs-Needles-in-a-Haystack/472508259433298?fref=ts

For more information on the Clean Slate Coalition visit the website at http://www.cleanslatecoalition.org/

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