Christmas is celebrated year-round at Nancy Tut’s Christmas Shop

Stop by and get your Christmas fix at Nancy Tut's Christmas Shop

Stop by and get your Christmas fix at Nancy Tut’s Christmas Shop


Nancy Tut’s Christmas Shop is one of the oldest businesses in Dillsboro and continues to be a staple in the Dillsboro economy.

First opening in 1969 by Nancy Tut, the business has always remained family owned and operated.

Lisa Potts and her husband Mike took over the business 19 years ago when Nancy Tut was looking to sell.

“My sister was working part-time [at Nancy Tut’s Christmas Shop] and told us that the owner was looking to sell,” said Potts. “We saw this as a great opportunity to move back into the area, something we were looking to do while living in Greensboro.”

The busiest months are those leading up to Christmas: October, November and December.

Even though Christmas comes once a year, visitors are drawn to the Christmas Shop year-round because of the wide variety of ornaments and Christmas-themed merchandise.

The most popular selling products at Nancy Tut’s Christmas Shop have been the unique pet ornaments, most of which usually cannot be found at retail stores.

Their website touts that “whether you are looking for anything from an astronaut to a zebra chances are we have it!”

Testimonials from customers indicate that Nancy Tut’s Christmas Shop has the best variety of Christmas-themed products for sale.

The Potts once tried dabbling into selling non-Christmas products but found that their patrons were mainly interested in their Christmas items, so they kept the focus on that.

“What we like the most about having a business in Dillsboro is how friendly the ‘village’ of business owners are and how wonderfully we all get along,” said Potts.

With Christmas around the corner and thousands of ornaments and Christmas merchandise available for sale, now would be the best time to shop to make sure one can nab the most unique gifts before they are gone!.

For more information about Nancy Tut’s Christmas Shop, click here:

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