New signage in Dillsboro

Existing signage in Dillsboro

New signs are coming to Dillsboro that will match the current theme.


The beautification efforts put forth by the Town of Dillsboro and its respective merchants is a positive initiative for everyone. The key factor is getting people to stop and see and we encourage travelers to make the turn off Highway 441 to experience Dillsboro for themselves.

Currently, the town of Dillsboro is working on putting up new directional signs on Haywood Road to promote the shops on Front Street located near the railroad tracks. “A lot of tourists drive through the main drag and don’t realize that all these stores are back here,” said David Marker, owner of Monkey Toes.

The signs will be 24×6” and will match the font and color of the red posts that are in place now. The town of Dillsboro is installing the signs, with each store that wishes to be featured paying $50 each for a sign.

Installing these new directional signs, continuing to increase the aesthetic appeal of the town and the unveiling of the historic mural are all worthwhile efforts to draw more visitors to the town. So slow down, explore the one-of-a-kind shops, take in the natural beauty and see for yourself why our front porch to the Great Smokies has so much to offer.

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