The Dillsboro Dirtbags are actually Flower Fairies!

David Marker, owner of Monkey Toes in Dillsboro, has taken a keen interest in the appearance of the town. He created a garden club called the “Dillsboro Dirtbags” and is actively working to improve the surroundings of downtown Dillsboro.

“The appearance of the community is an important thing,” said Marker. The “Dirtbags” have planted flowers such as day lilies and black-eyed Susans by the post office and in the median adjacent to the Jarrett House and Kostas Restaurant. At each of the locations the garden club plants flowers, they leave a sign that reads “The flower fairy strikes again!”

The Dillsboro Dirtbags plant flowers throughout the town.

The Dillsboro Dirtbags plant flowers throughout the town.

Keeping Dillsboro beautiful is a collaborative effort that is getting support from a wide variety of people. Ray’s Florist has donated flowers to the garden club. “We try to help as much as we can to give back to the town,” said Ray Nations, owner of Ray’s Florist in Dillsboro Court.

In addition to the flowers throughout Dillsboro, in July the local merchants put up hanging baskets in the front of their stores. The town of Dillsboro pitched in for half the cost of the baskets, making an already scenic stroll through downtown Dillsboro just a little more beautiful.

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