Dillsboro: An Outdoor Retreat

Scenic glimpse of Dillsboro

Western North Carolina is an outdoor haven filled with waterfalls, parks,hiking trails, and rivers. In the middle of it lies historic Dillsboro. In addition to being home to several artisan shops, restaurants, cultural heritage sites, and country inns, Dillsboro is also home to several beautiful parks with areas for fishing, relaxation, and education.

Monteith Farmstead Park

This park is home to the Monteith house, a farmhouse constructed near Scott’s Creek in 1908 by Elias Monteith. The Monteiths kept it through the generations until Jackson County bought it in 2003. The building is currently under reconstruction, but the surrounding park is still open.

The area includes:

  • Space for picnicking
  • A wide field that serves as an amphitheater for local bands
  • A place for traveling historical groups, like the Vietnam Wall exhibit
  • A small trail with an excellent view of the mountains surrounding Sylva and Dillsboro
  • A handicap access fishing pier just by the parking lot
  • A children’s playground

The Watershed Association of the Tuckaseegee River (WATR) provides a Scott’s Creek Adventure Demonstration Trail with educational kiosks that explain how the park is a significant bio region. Monteith park is actually situated in a massive bend on Scott’s creek, a sort of peninsula, and is home to at least fifteen different types of fish, including the beloved rainbow trout, as well as river mussels and a stunning number of macro invertebrates.

Dillsboro Heritage Parks

There are four riverfront parks along the Tuckaseegee River. All of these parks are within walking distance of the town and provide an excellent and convenient view of the river.

CJ Harris Access Area:

This park is upstream from the Dillsboro Inn and is a put in for kayaks, canoes, or other small watercraft. This spot has four public bathrooms and public parking.

Dillsboro Riverbend Park:

This unofficially named park is just across the river from the Dillsboro Inn. It has free parking and over five-hundred feet of river access for swimming or fishing.

River Access Park:

Just under the bridge from the Dillsboro Riverbend Park is a fourth park where Scott’s Creek and the Tuckaseegee River merge. It holds an informational kiosk with a map of the surrounding area and rafting companies. This park is also dog-friendly and provides public parking.

North Riverwood Access:

Just downstream from the Dillsboro Inn is a public parking area for fishermen. It is also has a fenced-in child play area.

Dillsboro River Company

The Dillsboro River Company is your local guide to enjoying the river. Their main shop is just off of U.S. 441 and is home to popular “Mom Approved Rafting.” The guides will not only take you down the river, but they’ll also show you the best spots for your kids to stop and swim, how to skip rocks, and will even provide educational information about the river and local wildlife.

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