The Queen’s Junque: everything AND the kitchen sink

the Queens Junque

Looking for antiques, jewelry, art or something you just wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else? Then our April Featured Business, the Queen’s Junque, is your stop!

This combination curiosity shop and antique mall carries a little bit of everything. That is what makes it so unique. Owner and Dillsboro Merchants Association President, Casey Queen, says that “everyone can find something in our shop that they can relate to, whether it’s a table like the one their grandma had or a broach like their moms. We just have so many different items to choose one.”

Everything and the kitchen sink

The Queen’s Junque opened in October of 2009 and is a family affair. Queen opened the shop with her mother, Jill Findley, and involves her parents and daughter in many ways. “My business has given us the opportunity to something as a family,” says Queen. “I could not do it without their support.”

So if you are looking for a unique item for your home or an antique that reminds you of the past, this is the Dillsboro shop for you. With eleven dealers, new products are constantly coming in. One of these just might be the perfect, new piece for your collection! And don’t worry about feeling out of place. According to Queen and her family, “customers are our livelihood. We welcome them always!”

The Queen’s Junque is open 10 a.m. through 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Find them at 78 Front Street, Dillsboro, N.C. 28725, or call 828-508-6362.

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